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Allowing Converted 182s Into Club

Allowing Converted 182s Into Club
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FYI for all those interested, the directors and officers officially approved this motion. Converted 182's are now allowed in the club. Join here Club Membership Application
I would be willing to bet that most of you could not tell the difference between the two if one pulled up along side of you at the pump. Odds are you would say "nice 180" and walk over and realize its been converted. Its the only plane that can look exactly like your plane when converted.

Not a 170 or anything others have referenced. Geez...are we really that stuffy?

Let em in!!
Not that my opinion is worth .02c, but if it looks like a 180 and smells like a 180...let em in. If it doesnt...then dont.
With all due respect, I am not arguing that the airplanes have very high parts crossover. That is not my point. My PA-18 Super Cub has about 85 percent parts commonality with a PA-11 too, but they are different airplanes. Parts count isn't the issue.

And as for Porsche and VW, they are actually part of the same ownership structure and many parts of certain models are interchangeable between the two marques, so it is a valid comparison.

My point is, without any disrespect to Cessna 182 owners, I like the 180/185 club the way it is. I can't help it that other airplanes have parts commonality, or that they look like 180s or 185s. The fact is, they aren't. I understand that others have different opinions. That's what this forum is all about - to share our views and opinions. We don't have to agree.

As I mentioned in my last post, your mileage may vary!
We should also keep the 182s out because their owners shamelessly spank 180s and 185s at the Valdez fly-in in the short take-off and landing competition.
I think you are being a trifle pedantic; I'm sure if you were to analyse the parts catalogue you would find that 90% of the parts are the same as for the 182. You can't compare Porsche to VW as they are different manufacturers.
No perceptible difference until you read the data plate, the registration, the airworthiness certificate, and all the related paperwork.

I can put a Porsche body on a VW too, but that doesn't make it a Porsche.

As for the "no mods" club, I'd like that! But it probably wouldn't have any members, since I doubt there are ANY completely stock 180s or 185s left in the world. But no matter how much you modify them, they sill say 180 or 185 on the data plate and airworthiness certificate.

Just my $.02 US. As always, your mileage may vary.
Because properly converted there is no perceptable difference between the converted 182 and a 180????

Why not just allow 180-185's that have had no mods, only strictly stock planes??

Dave C
Its a 182 not a 180 or 185. Why not let in 170's or 152 texans, hell why not bonanzas.
I vote to let him in.

My parts catalog is for both 180 & 182 - better get the snowpake out for the purist.
Let 'em in!

So, what do we call the club? The International 180-185-and some 182s Club?
Let's see, 92CP was the 19th 180 built, flew for a couple of years before being converted to TRICYCLE GEAR, flew a couple of years before being converted back to tailwheel :-)

Had it remained a trike I could still be a member of this club!

When I converted a 182 to a tailwheel a few years back I could NOT join this club.

Go figure.

Dave C
As an engineer it's a no brainer. Same parts, it's the same plane. If you're unable to get past that, like the metal health agency comercial, "..if you don't want to get help here, please get some where..."
Hi guys, I have just started getting on board again after a long absence from the forum. Converted 182’s in the club? OK !!! Why not, this issue has been brought up for years. Maybe the extra revenue would allow us to put out a better news letter magazine like the 170 club has as they allow anybody to join. The 182 converted skylane is a Skywagon as viewed from the control tower and will alert other aircraft to the visual identification. What does it take? a vote by our directors or members. "I now challenge the club". The stuffed shirt guys…to…come up to date with things. My God even the Vatican changes…and states with same sex issues too…How about converting a 185 or 180 to a nose wheel? If that happened, guess what, the club as it stands would allow it !!!! them in. If there are conditions, like a photo or a 337 copy I am sure the participant would oblige. I want to give the 180/185 discount to these guys too. TW Tom
I'm in favor of allowing them. I think it's a good way to get into a plane that for all intents and purposes would be a 180 and could possably be a cheper way to get in and have a plane with lower time. When I was looking for a 180 it was a consideration of mine. There were quite a few early 182's with fairly low time and I think it is a relatively easy conversion. FWIW Gary
Looking at the Club Bylaws, as posted on the website, I don't see any provision therein to change the Bylaws! <Looks like the new Prez will have his hands full ;^)

It seems like this is a "major" organizational change, much like the Confederate Air Force did in 2000 to change its name for "political correctness", and later to broaden its scope from from the more limiting "1939-1945 warbirds only" as originally organized. These changes required a 2/3 vote.

I am on road now, but I think we might consider that member's aircraft should use the Cessna fuselage p/n's common to the desired models, or some other specific p/n-based qualifications. Since there is little difference between a early 182 and a 180 on floats/amphibs, then a 182TW should have the same benefit.

Experimentals look-alikes should not be allowed because most of the issues we battle towards paperwork and STC's are non-issues to Experimentals. Piloting skill requirements and "general outlook on flying" may be the same, but that can be said for other aircraft as well e.g. C-170's.
I agree with Rob . This post shows what a good plane the early 182 was..
why not Aircoupes and Airmasters
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