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Outside the U.S.A.

floats over EGYPT
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The airplane is just now fresh out of the anual inspection, all the papers and permissions are in place. The only problem now is that they still don't have a pilot to fly the plane.

So, whoever wants to have a job as a 206 seaplanepilot in Egypt, just send me your resume, I'll forward it for you to the company in Cairo.

You should have a CPL (issued by any ICAO member state) with at least 200 h seaplane time, preferably some 206 experience.)

Have Just returned form Egypt and the Luxor region, and have found that this service is no longer running due to engine related problems - it also seems that most people I have spoken to are unsure about the exact reason for not flying, although the aircraft is still moored on the river nile at luxor!!!
This company is officially still operating the 206 in Luxor. I have, however, quit the job for personal reasons. If you happen to be in Luxor and are interested in a flight over the pharaonic monuments just go down to Karnak and ask for the "airplane on the water". The egyptian pilots are not allowed to let you touch the controls though. And a lot of times the airplane is just not able/allowed to fly for either technical or burocratic reasons.
Good Luck
Per Pfingst
former chief pilot
LN Aviation, Luxor Egypt

Legend of the Nile Aviation is operating a seaplane on the river Nile from their new base in Luxor. The C206 is available for local sight seeing flights or daytrips to other monumental sites or to one of the numerous diving resorts by the Red Sea. The price of around 400 USD per hour seems pricy but includes the required safety pilot (who happens to be holder of a US CFI ticket). And even the standard 25 min. sight seeing flight over Luxor (85 USD per person) is well worth it as it gives you an experience that not even the all so mighty pharaos were able to enjoy.
Check out or contact for more information.

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