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Outside the U.S.A.

Flying in Eastern Canada....
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Hi Rob,
Was that your C185 on Aerocet that was on the ramp in Fredericton on May 25/2008 ?
I was in the C185 on bushwheels.

Good Morning Robert I just joined a couple of days ago. Your post is very interesting. I love the north and usually go up to Ungava bay once or twic a year. I have 4 to 6 friends that usually travel as a group. I love to exchange some destinations etc with you.Talk to you soon Rob
I live just 60nm south of Montreal and I fly and fish and hunt about six weeks every summer and a couple of weeks each winter throughout Quebec and Labrador. I have been doing this for about twenty-five years. I would be happy to chat with any pilots flying to these places and maybe I can share some information that would be helpful. Please contact me by email or telephone. Happy Flying
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