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Aviation Movies - a list
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I can't believe you left out "Soul Plane" with Snoop Dogg
Go to and use the "keyword" search function. Searching for the keyword "aviation" will result in a list of almost 500 movies and tv shows. Using some of the other search functions might turn up even more. Interesting stuff!!
And "The Big Lift" with Montgomery Clift and Paul Douglas, which was shot in post-war Berlin with Clift and Douglas as the ONLY movie actors in the cast. The rest of the entire cast were actual military personnel and residents of Berlin. About the Berlin AirLift with lots of good C-54 flying, and GCA approaches, and including actual shots of Russian's trying to frighten the C-54 crews off-course by live-firing at pulled target drones.
Here is a longer list with a few more details


633 Squadron
A Guy Named Joe
A Yank in the RAF
Air America
Air Mail Pilot
Apollo 13
Bat 21
Battle of Britain
Blue Thunder (Police Helicopters)
Bombers B-52
Bridges Over Toko Ri
Charles Lindberg
Cloud Dancer
Dam Busters
Dark Blue World
English Patient
Fate is the Hunter
Flight of the Phoenix
Flying Tigers
Gathering of Eagles
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
Jet Pilot
Kill Devil Hill
Memphis Belle documentary 1944
Memphis Belle drama 1990
Murphy's War-Peter O'Toole
No Highway in the Sky
Out of Africa
Rolling Thunder The B-52 Story
Strategic Air Command
Test Pilot-Clark Gable
The Aviator
The Blue Max
The Bridges at Toko Ri
The Damn Busters
The Great Santini
The Great Waldo Pepper
The High and the Mighty
The Hunters-Robert Mitchum
The McConnell Story
Pearl Harbor
The Pilot
The Right Stuff
The Sound Barrier
The Spirit of St. Louis
The Thing
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
Those Incredible Men and Their Flying Machines
Top Gun
Tora Tora Tora
Twelve O'Clock High

and more!

Air Force(1943)
Ceiling Zero (James Cagney)
Command Decision (1998)
Flying Leathernecks (John Wayne)
The Dawn Patrol (1938)
Zero Hour
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