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Outside the U.S.A.

New Zealand (anywere)
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Lucky guy, you are.
Standing Next to the view from the office

A view from the office

Man, you have some pretty country over there!
Just found this photo I thought I had lost. Finals to runway 11 at Milford Sound in ZK-BGO. Ago around is actually available, but you had better be happy flying next to the mountains.


G'Day Graham,
I've just found your photo what a lovely spot perfect 180 country. Kind regards, Peter Puplett
Very nice. Great looking place for land or floats.
Here is my wife's home airstrip. Slipper Island off the coast at Coromandel in the North Island

New Zealand is 'down under' to the east of Aussie, although seperated by just over 1000 NM the lands are very different, whilst Aussie is very large and old, New Zealand is a new land and lots of contrasts. The country is made up of four major islands called Stewart Island, Chatham Island, The North Island and The South Island. Most of the population is in the North Island, and some of the best flying in the world is in the South Island. The South Island has flat coastal plains, inland mountains up to 12,000 feet, this is Skywagon country lots of airstrips, big valleys, and few people. Great hunting, and good fishing.
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