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What's going on in the Region
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I have a note from Denise Corcoran for all of you in the Denver area. She is looking for a way to get some flying time in a 185, would like to use/train while prepping to apply for her "dream job" here in Colorado which she believes will require 185 experience.
She sent me the following: "I started flying in the Rocky Mountains in 2006, went to Alaska after I got my licenses and flew 5 memorable summers. After that I wanted to give back a bit and have been a volunteer pilot for a wide range of causes. I most recently was flying for preventative and curative medical assistance in East Africa, the Ebola-free part :). 2100 hours total time, 1400+ hours mountain/back country, 1100 AK, 350 tailwheel, 1000 C206. Most of my tailwheel time is in a Bellanca Scout & Maule M-6. I have had previous training in the 185 for an AK outfit but ended up flying the 206 mostly. I have a current CFI/II and would love to offer up training in exchange for airplane costs. I know these birds are pricey to maintain, insure, etc. but it doesn't hurt to ask especially when things are tight)".
Denise is at 720-310-8101 or . Please respond directly to Denise if you have an interest in providing her any assistance, though I would appreciate knowing that you did so.
This section of the forum is for our International 180/185 Club members who reside in Colorado,
New Mexico or Wyoming.
Taking over from Mike Perkins who has moved further north, I am the new regional Director on the board.
My name is Jim Densmore, and I am most privileged and proud to be the co-owner (with my wife Linda) of N6555A, a
'56 #32452. It's been in my family since my Dad bought it in 1960 so I grew up with this fabulous airplane and you'll be
prying its keys away from my cold, dead fingers.
(More here if you don't bore easily: )
As for this thread, I started this simply so we could hear from each other how things are going. For example ...
I was privileged to go with fellow EAA72 member Joe Brundage to the Airventure Oshkosh show this year,
and a few weeks later to the Antique fly-in in Blakesburg with fellow Antique enthusiast John Poss.
Now that the summer is coming to an end, Linda and I are looking at engaging an upholsterer shop
- Kim and Mike Hughes in north Denver area - to redo my long, long, long neglected upholstery.
Unlike my paint (done in 2003), my upholstery is original - 1956! so we are really looking forward to getting
our interior redone.
Please feel free to use this thread to post what's happ'nin in your neck of the woods.
Take care, have fun, and fly safe --Jim N6555A
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