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Insurance, Business and Financial

Insurance for my 180
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Bill White,
My insurance is coming due on my 1954 Cessna 180 and my 1998 Piper Saratoga II (non-turbo).  I am just got a phone call from my current and past 13 year insurance carrier.  I have highly modified my Cessna 180 with a new motor, RMI wing tip lights, Sportsman's STOL, New paint, New Cow-hide interior, New panel Garmin 430, Garmin audio panel, Garmin Transponder, Garmin panel mounted 696. Alaska bush wheels and Baby Bush wheel.  I had pictures taken of this plane by my insurance carrier about 1/12 years ago to document all the extras and up grades to this aircraft.  This plane is very noticeable when I fly in somewhere and people just come to look at it.  I do fly it every year to Johnson Creek.  The call today disturbed me as the person that wrote my insurance and took the pictures has moved on last year in December and the new hire doesn't have the pictures to document all the upgrades. (thank goodness I have not had a wreck or claim). I have $150,000 coverage on this aircraft.  Now they are asking me to document my aircraft to be able to substantiate the $150,000 value.  They told me the blue book is somewhere around $61,000.  I told them to call Beegles in Greeley as they have a done most of the work and I believe Scott Mauch could give an accurate account about my plane.
What can you do for me on both planes and I also have a helicopter??
Mick VonTour


Just happened to see your August post. If your insurance is coming due, give our National Cessna 180/185 Insurance program a try.  If you qualify,  coverage Includes a lot of extras. A grew of which are  $1,000,000 airport/Hangar premises liability. Up to $15,000 for off airport retrieval to get yo to a road to take off or a nearby airport should you have to make an emergency off airport landing with no hull damage.  Parts rental if involved in a loss on a trip.  Hangar damage coverage for leased hangars. Up to $250 per person to help get you to your destination if involved in a loss  while on a trip. $1,000 in portable Avionics coverage for damage or theft and ability to increase that limit,   A 2.5% - 5% annual No claims credit  to help offset or lower your premiums each year.  We have over 600 180/185's in the program and growing monthly.   Thanks   Bill White BillWhite CFII/Broker

Bill White Insurance in CA has been good for me, and quite a bit cheaper.  Very knowledgeable on sky wagons and I think club members get a discount. 

Hi all
   I'm exploring changing my 180 insurance company.  Each year my rate continues to go up and I'm getting fed up.  Never had a claim filed.  I'm up to almost $1800/yr with my present, and well know insurer, (no names mentioned).  Who are our members insuring with and have you been happy with them? 
Thanks in advance,
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