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Alaska Flying

Overnight Stops
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Thanks.... those are some good ideas!
Mike Harwood

Going south I get out of the Mat-Su  early or camp at Macarthy , reverse the route , clear customs at Glacier Park Int'l then  over to Kalispell City Airport where you can walk to food and lodging.


We'll I'll try to post this one more time as evidently I'm not too computer savvy.   Almost hate to tell it but the best place to overnight is Scoop Lake in northern BC about 80 or 90 miles south of Watson Lake.  Give Wendy or Darwin a call ahead of time to make sure they have a cabin (Google Scoop Lake Outfitters). Great strip you could land a space shuttle on or a long lake with protected lagoon near the lodge   I've stayed there 4 times in the last two years as it is perfectly situated to be my only overnight in Canada.  Leave Kalispell early and clear customs in Cranbrook, BC.  On to Mackenzie for fuel and ice cream with Vicki, then arrive at Scoop in time for supper.  After breakfast next am go on to Watson Lake for fuel.  Stop at Whitehorse for fuel and to file EAPIS then on to Northway to clear customs by 3 pm.  Can give flight leg hours if interested.  Tell them the Onionfarmer sent you and they will give you a free hat or charge you double!


I stayed overnight at Watson Lake 2 years ago. The town population has greatly declined and the quality of food and lodging has to.

Try to skip that one if you can.
Whitehorse on the other hand is very nice.
Hi Pat!

Don't forget Canada stops.  Port McNeil, Port Hardy, and Prince Rupert are all quality stops.  This last month I got weathered in at Wrangell while flying our Beaver north.  Nice little town with great food and museum.  Sitka is nice.  Skagway is fun.  So much history.  I used to be in such a hurry. Now I enjoy the trip- well when I have over  400' and 2 miles :). I have found a flight plan is essential, but not knowing the stops is half the adventure. Fly safe. 

I have flown from Soldotna, Alaska to Texas for the last 30 years....  been nearly everyway you can go.  I am looking for some new overnight stops......  Any great ideas out there?
I have stayed in Whitehorse, Ketchikan, Bellingham, Boise, Great Falls, Idaho Falls, McCall
Mike Harwood
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