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How to use the Forums as ListServ Emails

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Please see my most recent responce to this question in the Problems Forum where I believe I have answered this question in a very detailed manner. All of the email distribution services you want are there but each Member "MUST OPT-IN" and decide if they want to interact with a Forum online or via email or both.

So you will have the option to paricipate via email on ALL of the Club's forums. Furthermore, it is very imporant that the club captures all of the valuable discussions and information. We did not have that before because the email distribution list was totally and completely seperate from all of the club's Forums. The Club Exective has decided that it is in the long term benefit of the club's Membership to capture this valuable information and the only way to do so if via the Forums.

Please also see Matt Foster's comments below. He explains it very well.

Arnold Villeneuve
Thank you Matt. I could not have said it better myself.

Arnold Villeneuve

Further, you can use e-mail to respond to ANY topic on the forum (which is how I posted this message...and then subsequently edited via the forum).


When you have subscribed to a forum, you will receive an e-mail of new postings. You can click the link that is provided behind the words “Reply to forum at”.


When you do, your phone, tablet, or computer will launch a new empty message where you can respond. HOWEVER, you must copy and paste the subject of the e-mail into your new e-mail (I hope that this feature is fixed by ClubExpress).


This seems to provide the best of both worlds….e-mail-only access for some….archiving/populating our knowledge-based for all.


I like the permanence of the forum versus the e-mail discussion. It is rare that a issue on the e-mail list is also my issue at the same moment. However, when I do have a question or an issue, the ability to search the forum archives is invaluable. Thus, having the questions and the answers managed through the forum, and recorded in the archives, is important to me.

The forum allows for e-mail notification of new topics, threads, responses. Included is a link to the topic and then the ability to respond...which will also be e-mailed to all subscribers of the forum.
I was disappointed to see the two channels of communication previously: the e-mail list and the forum. The two content formats were not synchronized and thus it was impossible to keep a single archive of the valuable contributions.
In my opinion, our group is not big enough to try to communication via two separate channels. I vote we all give the new forum a try. The content is only as good as our effort to contribute.
Please put the discussion list email to all back in service.  You can clearly see very little interaction is happening in the forum.  It is something I look forward to everyday.  Without it, I really don't see much reason for me to stay in the club after 15 years...  I think if you put out a surveymonkey you will get a majority opinion.
The ability by a Member to email all other Members is currently under revision because some Members have complained about receiving too many emails. The Club's Executive and Board of Diretors are currently discussing the matter.

Our personal view is for historical purposes it is much better to post Questions to the Forums. That way the disucssion thread (post and answers) is preserved for people to see long after on the website whereas emails and their replies are not captured which means the club and its members, and the Public and Non-Members for that matter, lose all of the valuable information. We would prefer to capture that information for the benefit of all and the best way to do so is to use Forums. Emails sent between Members are not captured.

ALL Forums have individual email addresses. Check each Forum for the email address.

Steve Goebel, President of the Club, would certainly like to hear from all of you in this regard either way. So please share your views with him.

Hi, I would like to be able to email a question to the whole Skywagon discussion group.  This feature seems to be disabled, or I can't figure it out.  I have a time sensitive maintenance question that I would really like to get feedback on, and I posted it in the maintenance forum, but have no replies so far.  I'm sure a lot of guys that would respond to an email asking for advice are not surfing the website.

Can you help with this?
Wily 57 180
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