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Maintenance Tips

landing gear repair after ground loop
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Your man is has a point but really after a incident or maybe just 40-60 years of landings NDT would be a good idea. There is a repair/ refinish guide in the 180/185 manual. Randy Long   N1802
The 180 I bought had the gear legs NDT'ed after a ground loop by the previous owner.  I don't think it was a big expense, so if you sleep better at night why not.  I do agree with your mechanic though, they are beefy and strong. If you had no fuselage buckling, I would think there probably isn't any concern about the legs.  I put mine up on the rt main and scraped my wingtip on the runway, and I was worried about main spar issues, but it got a clean bill of health upon inspection, the wing tip not so much...

So, my recent co-owner had a little landing incident, aka ground loop, a couple weeks ago.  Wheel landing on a paved runway with calm winds, big skid marks, at the end went up on left wing then ended up on the nose with tail in the air about 45 degree angle.  No one hurt.  
My wagon that I’ve had the privilege of flying and maintaining for 17 years is hurting, but getting repaired.  Engine getting shipped to Western Skyways for sudden stoppage inspection (and probable overhaul, got over 1400 hours on a 1500 TBO 0-470K).  New left wheel, hardware for strut and gear legs and 88” seaplane prop on order; left wingtip, cowl and aileron getting repaired locally, engine mounts sent off for NDT.  

I feel like the main gear (which is 185 gear) should also be removed and NDT or NDI (eddy current I believe is what the local NDI guy recommends) but the local guy says not required, there’s no buckling on the fuselage and they “are steel, and super strong"
Open to advice from the experts out there.  Is there a procedure for checking the gear?  How about making sure it’s installed and aligned and toed correctly? I have the P-Ponk gear mod.  What about rigging- I’ll be able to tell on first flight if anything’s different with the rigging and it’s not as straight and fast as it was, but how about settings to rig it correctly before first flight?  I’m going to ask Beegles and P-Ponk what their advice is also, but always learn a lot from your opinions. 

As my wife says, this is a first world problem, but I’m still very bummed about it.  
Thanks in advance,
Wily N620MM 57 180
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