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How to use the Forums as ListServ Emails

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Welcome to the Club Photo Albums Page. By default only the most recently updated photos are shown in the list below. To see all photo albums click on the Search Looking Glass icon to the right and change your selection. 

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Thank you for responding to this message Wagon Driver. You are correct.

It is very important that ALL CLUB MEMBERS update their User Profile to be as complete as possible because the way the Club Website works and allows Club Members to interact depends on how your profile is configured.

We have specifically turned off a lot of the notification features due directly to Club Member requests as a result of too much email notifications being received with the default setup. Therefor, if you want to really be fully participant in the Forum discussions and email ability of the Forums you need to configure your User Profile to indicate such. That way Club Members that want to be heavily involved in the website Forum discussion can be and those that do not do not have to make any changes to their User Profile.

Instead of forcing Club Members to Opt In to all Forum discussions we have changed the default configuration such that everyone is Opted Out of all Forum discussions simply because we received so many emails complaining about how many emails Club Members were receiving from the new website. I fully respect their comments, concerns, and opinions.

I personally do not like when a telephone company decides to Opt Me In to their marketing campaign without my explicit permission! So there you go!

So please, as your new Web Guy, I am asking all of you Active Members to do the following:

1. Login
2. Click on your Name in the top right corner of your web browser.
3. Select Profile.
4. Watch the short "How To Update Your User Profile" video that is located in the bottom right corner of your Profile Page.
5. Update your profile information and configure you Forum Preferences

It is also here on your Profile Page that you can create your own Photo Albums. Some limitations: No more than 50 Photo Albums per Member and no more than 250 pictures per Photo Album. That's 12,500 pictures per Club Member so I think we are good.

As always, you can hit the ? on any page you are on in the website and get very specific context sensitive help about what you can do within the page you are on. Please give it a try.

You can also contact the ClubExpress Help Desk to learn how to use the website better. And of course you can always contact me directly at or 613-833-0984.
This can be done under each users profile settings, forum general preferences, identification.


One other feature of other webboards I miss having on the new site here is the ability to click on a poster's name or avatar and be taken to his/her profile.
I love checking out other people's pictures when something piques my interest, and it would make it a lot easier to find additional information about members that aren't using their name for forum posts.
**edit** I just found the Search function for the FORUM, which works differently from the search function for MEMBER DIRECTORY... It gives the forum name, as well as the member name. Still, it's a lot more work to get to see what you're looking for!

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