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Fuel Stops

Costly fuel
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This type of information really helps.  I fly a lot and always looking for the best deal I can get without compromising safety.  Why is it that some FBO's feel the need to charge ramp fees, fuel flow fees, navigation fees, communication fees, yes I have paid all these fees before.  I look for this type of information so I can stay away from these over priced FBO's and pass on any great value to other skywagon drivers.
I stopped in Cleburne, TX last month on my way home from Johnson Creek ID.  They had self serve for $4.77 a gallon. The FBO was nice and the air-conditioning worked well.
Thanks guys for the information.
Mick VonTour

Not sure where Farmington gets its superiority complex.  Last time I was there gas was well over $7 per gallon, and if you parked by the FBO that you either had to buy a minimum of 15 gallons or pay 2 separate facility fees plus tax.  In fairness, there are parking spaces further away where you wouldn't be burdened by the fees, still, this is Farmington for chrissake!  I wonder how much business they are chasing away with these inflated gas prices and fees.

Santa Fe started charging facility fees as well a few years ago, which is when I stopped going there.   GA is expensive enough without these FBOs piling on.
Oliver B. C 1.87 a liter
On the way to Monument Valley Fly-In, we stopped in Farmington, NM. to grab a bite to eat.  I needed fuel so asked if they offered any sort of discounts.  Their regular price for fuel was well over $7/gal. They first said no however when I told them I might could get several other Skywagons to stop if they would come down some they agreed to a modest discount.  Got hold of Steve Goebel, Red Parker, Walt Congdon, and Rusty Knox and they agreed to stop also.  With the 5 of us, they came down .55 cents a gallon.  Still too high, but better than full price.
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