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Alaska Flying

Fly in / gathering
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Aug. Is a tough time in Seldovia, everybody is getting ready to leave, go hunting and pull boats out. The wx is also a problem some Aug's; fog mornings and rain the rest of the Day and wind some days. Not a good time to plan a fly-in.

  We have a new pavilion in town that can be used for a pot luck and transport in from the airport won't be a problem. I'll go ask about using it and dates available and I'll get back to this blog.

I would be in for an August fly-in in Seldovia.

Seldovia harbor had two float plane ramps on the end of the east float the last time I was there.
Quartz Creek is good but Summit Lake does not have a wheel strip anywhere close.

I am interested for next Spring - my summer and fall are all booked up!!  I'm on floats and I don't recall any ramps/slips in Seldovia harbor (I don't mind the salt, after all, it is a seaplane!!).  Summit Lake and Quartz Creek also work as alternatives.


I'll work on the Seldovia thing then, it would be a good time and a great way to kick off the summer.


Seldovia sounds fun!


Anybody interested in flying somewhere for a lunch gathering like the road house or even Kenai , good sandwich  shop there even. I would guess it has to be in the next couple of weeks before moose season starts. May be too late in the season, if so early next spring I would be happy to have a Halibut fry / pot luck lunch in Seldovia. We have a new city pavilion by the your thoughts!

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